Your Reservation Information

Incase you have a 10 digit Booking Reference No.(BRN) then add your 5 Digit Cabin No. as the last 5 Digits to your 10 digit BRN. Also If your cabin No. is of 4 Digits then prefix a zero "0" before your 4 digit cabin no.
If your 10 Digit BRN(old) is "JAL1234567" and your cabin no. is 08169 (zero prefixed because cabin no is 4 digits) then your BRN is combination of "JAL1234567" and "08169".
New BRN : "JAL123456708169"

Other Notes:
Checkin needs to be done separately for each cabin.
Indian citizens can use any Govt ID Document Number; either Aadhaar Card No./Vote ID/Birth Certificate/Passport/Driving Licence NO. For guests who are not Indian Citizens; Passport no. has to be provided.
If you edit web checkin details after downloading your boarding pass once then you will have to download the J-Pass (Boarding Pass)again.